mixed media

1984 "Marry the world by conference call," Frankfurt
1986 "Amphibian Match," underwater concert, Frankfurt
1986 "Telephone World Concert," Frankfurt / "PSI TO LEN" performance
1987 "Red Art" - Solo performance music & art
1990 "1.Kasseler Videosalon," performance with Dimitrij Prigov
1993 "alphabeth 25" performance HfbK Hamburg with Dmitri Prigov and Vladimir Tarasov
1993 "Gedankenhotel"
1994 "Tensides," Filmmuseum Frankfurt
1996 "Instant Composition Clip" videocomposition for orchestra
1997 starting with digital videos & video-photography
1999 "Winterspruch" video (in collaboration) featuring Blixa Bargeld
2001 "brocken biest 0101" live electronic tool remix
2001 "splendor solis" live electronic tool remix
2002 "Terror Milk“,video & audioperformance,Ssamzie-Baram,Seoul (with Kim Hyungtae)
„Conference Tunnel / Provisional Government“,Seoul, (with Kim Hyungtae)
2003 "Kreuzung“,400 digital-pictures,Frankfurt # Seoul
„AA_FESTIVAL“,5 days of mixed-medias,documented on pic-CDR
2004 Mixedmediaperformance,video frame recs & Numark CDX,Seoul
„Kut at Sarubia“,Performance & Video,Seoul
2005 RELAY 1 - 4
"iGnorance“ for string-quartet & electronics, dedicated to Isang Yun
2006 RELAY 5
"For Conrad Schnitzler" video performance at EXiS filmfestival,Seoul (with Kim Gyejoong)
2008 "Taste Tribes",group and CD with Günter Müller, Hans-Joachim Irmler and samples by Eruption & Makoto Kawabata
2011 DJing A23H compositions at Dirk Fleischmann's "MyFashionshow" at Arko Theatre, Seoul
2012 contributing new compositions to Sora Kims project „Abstract Walking“ at Artsonje Center, Seoul
2013 "Shark's Fin Noir", video composition, Hong Kong
2014 "invocation orhk", Buddha Machine vol.2/China Collection CD + Gedankenhotel 90ies video
2015 "Camellia Installation" (with John Bell)
2016 "Campanula" (audio-visual performance with John Bell) and "Songs From Knee To Chin" (with/for Sora Kim, National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art (MMCA), Korea)